💻Algorithmically curated DeFi products to enable you to Discover, Invest and manage DeFi products

Our platform enables users to find DeFi products that right for them and for products to discover their users

We provide you with a dashboard that personalize and maximize your experience with the DeFi ecosystem

Once you connect your wallet, we provide you with a suite of services to provide you with not just surface information of your crypto holding but also curated products that are relevant to your current holding and your profile. Think of us having an "Netflix-like" recommendation engine for DeFi. We offer you connection to 34 chains, access to 2,000+ tokens and over 1000 protocols.

  1. View all your tokens in your connected wallet and view all your balances in your wallet, including what you have invested in your DeFi investments

  2. Personalized, curated DeFi products - Using our recommendation engine, we let you see products that are the most relevant to you and likely to engage.

  3. DeFi insurance products - All products are with risk and we provide recommendations for you to purchase DeFi insurance products.

  4. View your wallet history - Track your on-chain wallet history and interaction with DeFi protocols.

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