The Marketplace is the last piece of the puzzle where ALGOBLOCKs users will share and publish their trading strategies.
ALGOBLOCKS are a visual representation of investment or trading strategies. The purpose of ALGOBLOCKS is to combine and abstract investment strategies broken down into visual steps that don't require programming. The following is a scenario of how we can use them.
  • Bob is a trader who creates a winning investment strategy that combines multiple pools stacking on different chains.
  • Bob shares his ALGOBLOCK with the community, who review and assess it based on the performance; the community later votes to release Bob's ALGOBLOCK to the community.
  • Bob decided's during the creation of this ALGOBLOCK that it is fair to get a percentage on the returns of any user who uses his winning strategy, effectively positioning him to gain additional returns. His returns will be released to him every 15 days.
  • The returns are calculated in AGLOBLKS Coins; they are staked then released to Bob's wallet every 15 days.
  • Staking will incur additional returns relative to the period of staking; the longer the period is, the higher the staking rewards are. The performance of the traders affects the amount returned after the staking period has expired. For example, if the performance is negative by the end of the staking period, the trader will lose the staking amount.
  • Staking will serve the function of punishment and reward to incentivize users further to execute to benefit the community.
  • These ALGOBLOCKS are assessed based on their performance and the community of other traders; once it gains the critical momentum (A score that combines their performance and community voting), it is released to the ALGOBLOCKS trader community.
  • Creators of these ALGOBLOCKS can gain a percentage on gains of their ALGOBLOCKS users. These returns are stacked and released every period of a trading cycle (trading cycle here is defined by the trader, which can go from one day to one month)
  • Once the ALGOBLOCKS are available, ALGOBLOCKS users can start to use them if they choose to, users can gain a percentage on the returns of these ALGOBLOCKS; these returns are in ALGOBLOCKS coins which are stacked and released to the trader's wallet
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