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In our day-to-day interaction with current banking systems, executing a transfer or deposit doesn't require users to know the technicalities involved in such operations. For the end-user, it is as simple as pressing a button (if you are lucky enough to have internet banking) or speaking to a bank employee. ALGOBLOCKS envision a similar process when interacting with the DeFi space combined with the decentralization and transparency guaranteed through blockchain.
Consolidate ALGOBLOCK's vision in an MVP version of the ALGOBLOCKS platform, and verify our assumptions by Providing a short feedback loop with our end clients.
  • Assumption validations and initial Ideation
  • Discovery & MVP Demo
  • MVP signing off and start of development
  • MVP Launch

Supported Chain:

  • ETH
Given the feedback we received after the launch phase, the goal of phase-2 is to adjust to what our community wants. Alongside this, it is time to release our Token and start laying the fundamentals of building our ALGOBLOCKS community.
  • Multi-Chain support
  • TGE (Token Generation Event)
  • Automation and simulation support for additional actions
  • Different Pool staking and yield farming support
  • ALGOBLOCKS COIN Staking support
  • Initial building blocks for ALGOBLOCKS Community

Supported Chain:

  • BSC
  • Polygon
Give our community the tools needed to share and trade their ALGOBLOCKs. That is to say that the community will be able to deploy automated trading strategies that will kickoff the Algoblocks marketplace.
  • ALGOBLOCKS strategy creation
  • Community Economy rules
  • Algoblocks strategy marketplace


Q3 2021

  • Building Core Team
  • Initial Ideation & Design
  • Design Review and Validation
  • Initial MVP Design Demo
  • Completion of MVP Demo

Q4 2021

  • Beta MVP Launch for Selected Users
  • Launch of Algoblocks Staking
  • Beta Launch of Algoblocks Community
  • MVP Security Audit

Q1 2022

  • Token Generation Event
  • Support Polygon & BSC
  • Community Feedback and Development Refactoring
  • Complete Security Audit for AlgoBlocks Platform
  • Plan for professional investor product
  • Anchor Partnerships

Q2 2022

  • Team and resource planning for H2 2022 and beyond
  • Social Trading Launch
  • Institutional and white label product planning
  • API Development & B2B integration planning

Q3+ 2022

  • Execution of H2 2022+ Roadmap and product extension planning
  • Infrastructure improvements (E.g. Lower Gas Fees, ways to lower commission, etc)
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