Q3 2021

  • Building Core Team
  • Initial Ideation & Design
  • Design Review and Validation
  • Initial MVP Design Demo
  • Completion of MVP Demo

Q4 2021

  • Build core marketing team
  • Token Generation Event (Postponed to Q1 2022)
  • Develop Smart Contracts
  • Scale Community to over 30K+
  • Plan Strategic Partners

Q1 2022

  • Token Generation Event
  • Extend chain scope to include for more chain extensions
  • Community Feedback and Development Refactoring
  • Security Audit for AlgoBlocks Platform
  • List on Exchanges (MEXC, Bitmart and PancakeSwap)
  • Anchor Partnerships

Q2 2022

  • Team and resource planning for H2 2022 and beyond
  • MVP Design Iterations / Revisions
  • Recruiting and finalising core team
  • Community Engagement and Augmentation

Q3 2022

  • Core Technical Team
  • MVP Launch
    Measured Launch by Features - for PMF
  • Exploring more technical partnerships and capital raise

Q4 2022

  • Release all planned features of MVP
  • Market testing of features
  • Review and Refinement of Features through mini-releases
  • External marketing and brand equity building
  • Start equity fund raise

Q1 2023

  • Expand the Team
  • Explore UpListing Options
  • Equity Fund Raise Target Completion
  • Scale community back to sub 100K numbers
  • Concentrate on core revenue growth drivers

Q2 2023

  • Finalize Team Hiring
  • Release MVP -Desktop Version
  • Release MVP - Mobile Responsive Version
  • Community feedback & Development Refactoring
  • Publish MVP Release on Product Hunt
  • Revenue Model Refinement
  • ​List on Exchanges (Binance,, Kucoin)​
  • Secure partnerships with user growth impact
  • Community voting system powered by token holders for strategic decisions with the platform
  • Sign up partnerships with a non-binding option for the partners to signup for integration and marketing services on the AlgoBlocks platform
  • Explore fund raising options (Equity investment)

Q3 2023

  • Wrap up fund raising efforts
  • Explore and launch at least 1 product extensions based on impact on revenue or user growth
  • Explore applications for licensing (If a no-go, a report on the rationale for not getting one yet will be posted on Gitbook)
  • Operational expansion to other jurisdictions (SEA, Dubai and others)
  • Explore acqui-hire opportunities in the market
  • Improve the AlgoBlocks recommendation engine to support natural language based queries and provide more accurate search results
  • Create a more sophisticated visual dashboard for B2B clients (DeFi protocols) to present advertising and campaign metrics
  • Explore headcount expansion of tech team by at least 1 more full-time headcount and max 2
  • Launch and announce 1 more token utility feature using the ALGOBLK token
Q4 2023
  • Explore listing tokens on other exchanges for enhanced liquidity
  • Explore and launch at least 1 product extension that will impact revenue or user growth
  • Review of fixed and operating costs to enhance operating income. (High level report will be posted on the details and result of the exercise)
  • Launch and announce 1 more token utility feature using the ALGOBLK token