💱Swapping / Adding Liquidity

We simply the process for you to swap tokens and invest into liquidity pools to earn yield.

We have chosen these two trade flows (Swapping and liquidity) for our MVP, given these were the 2 top actions that were most requested from our target users when we carried out our product demand research

We do things very differently from other platforms in that

  1. You don't need a token pair to invest into a liquidity pool. We can swap the absent / deficient token for you. E.g. If you need to contribute USDT and TRX into a liquidity pool but only hold USDT, we can swap your USDT to TRX automatically for you to contribute to the pool.

  2. We enable you to visualize the entire swap / adding liquidity process

  3. Let you know exactly what you will pay in crypto and fiat denominations

  4. Automate smart contracts behind the scenes so that processes such as swapping and adding liquidity. We will require much fewer steps to implement with an intuitive UI.

  5. We give you a choice to customize and automate transaction parameters.

  6. Transact on multiple chains without having to worry about having enough gas tokens for that chain by using ALGOBLK tokens. E.g. If you don't have BNB, you can still transact on Binance Smart Chain by using our token.

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