🔳ALGOBLK Token Utility

Joseph ALGOBLK is the token issued and utilized on the AlgoBlocks platform

ALGOBLK tokens are used to reduce trading fees, stake for benefits and subscribe to automated services on the platform

  • Reduce Trading Fees: Get 25% off trading fees by paying with ALGOBLK tokens

  • Stake to get platform benefits: Stake ALGOBLKS to get more ALGOBLK tokens and later, other partner tokens attained through participation with cross-community marketing campaigns

  • Subscribe to automated services on the platform:

    • Universal Gas Token ("UGT"): Use ALGOBLK tokens to settle gas fees on any chain**. We will liberate you from your need to have ETH, Matic or BNB to do transactions on different chains, trade easily knowing we will do the swapping and gas fee settlement for you at the backend.

    • Auto stablecoin switching service: We can switch your stablecoins to a set schedule or pre-defined conditions

    • On-Chain to Off-Chain Push notification to various communication apps and tools (Telegram, Email, Twitter etc)

    • Wallet Merge - Merge wallets just in a few clicks. Consolidate your crypto wallet balances into fewer wallets.

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